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About me

I am a medical doctor who developed a passion for Montessori education after having my own children. When we moved back home to Wales in 2014, I was disappointed to find there wasn't a Montessori nursery or school in the city so I decided to open one.


I started off managing a small group in a pack-away church hall and by 2016 opened Wales's first Montessori primary school in Llandaff, in 2022 we opened the first Montessori secondary provision in Wales.  From running a nursery with 3 staff and about 10 children, I now run a school with 80 children on roll and 19 staff. I continue to work part-time as a medical doctor. I am a member of the Montessori Society AMI UK Board. 


I have done training for teaching Montessori to children age 4-11 year. I love the AMI vision of Montessori education and have completed my AMI training in Montessori use for aged care and dementia. I have also completed my AMI certification in 0-3 and 6-12 Assisting and the 12-18 introductory workshop.  

It has been an incredible journey so far and a steep learning curve! I've learnt so much from so many and am incredibly would love to share what I have discovered with others and help further education in Wales and beyond.

I love meeting others who share my passion for child development  (in particular brain development) and peace education and look forward to learning and discovering more from you all through this site. 

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